BITCOIN– The crypto, which has now been recognized as the global and most profitable cryptocurrency, is said to have set its roots back in 2008, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Since the period of its inception, it has gathered the interest of many mainstream and novice investors. So much so, that now it has become the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

As of today, the value of one Bitcoin stands at 38,47,558.76 Indian Rupee. It’s been more than 12 years that BTC has been launched in the market, but people (especially the new traders) still seem confused as to how to buy Bitcoin. The loophole essentially lies in a lack of knowledge and exposure to the field. So to solve this problem today, we attempt to impart your knowledge which would help you to understand about various ways through which you can buy bitcoin (BTC)-2021

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges– The easiest and most secure way to buy and/or trade, not only in BTC but in any crypto is through an exchange. Many Crypto exchanges-such as- United Exchange are out there to help you not only trade but guide you through the process as well. You can not only buy but also exchange and/or trade with the Cryptocurrency. Many other additional benefits are also provided at the exchanges.
  2. Bitcoin ATM’s- Just like the regular ATM, the Bitcoin ATM facilitates purchase of Bitcoin for cash. Some of ATM’s even enable bi-directional functionality which means you can do both- purchase BTC for cash as well as sale BTC for cash. But. Remember that a wallet is a pre-requisite for that.
  3. A BTC voucher or gift-card- The easiest way to buy any crypto currency is through a voucher. All you need is your crypto-wallet and you are free to mine, buy or exchange the Cryptocurrency at your choice. Using a BTC gift-card is even easier. You don’t even need to have a wallet or be registered at any exchange. Your friend or anyone (who is a trader) could gift you BTC’s and you can easily redeem them at your convenience.
  4. Wallets- Just like you store the traditional currency into your bank-accounts, you store your crypto currency into the wallets. You can have your own personal wallet that you downloaded from online and/or at your exchange. Most of the exchanges provide wallets when you open an account with them. It is common that many crypto-exchanges may not put prime importance towards the wallet, but you should always aim to choose an exchange, which put your security on priority.


we can say that there are many ways to buy Bitcoin and any other crypto-currency, but you should always aim for the safest way to invest your hard-earned money. We would recommend opting for exchanges which are very lucrative and provide high liquidity for trading in the crypto-currency.