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top 10 cryptocurrency 2021
News, Tech

Top 10 popular cryptocurrencies of 2021

Most Popular Top -10 Cryptocurrencies of 2021 The more we read about cryptocurrencies, the more we feel convinced that these currencies are here to stay in the longer run. People have been muddled by continuously hearing the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, but the picture…

what is difi
News, Tech

What is DeFi? know What Do You Need To Know

What is DeFi? Decentralized financing or DeFi (DEE-f-EYE) as it is commonly called in the world today is also known as ‘open finance’. This is a new technology in the field of financial services which is backed up by blockchain technology. It is a global…

What Is the Stock Market
News, Tech

Stock Market: What Is the Stock Market and How Does It Work?

Economic Factors That Can Impact the Stock Market The stock market is an incredibly unpredictable market, at the most unexpected times it becomes volatile and vice versa. Although it is hard to perfectly time the execution of strategies, this unpredictability is also what makes the…

Blockchain Technology handle the security issues
News, Tech

How does Blockchain Technology handle the security issues today?

How does Blockchain Technology handle the security issues today? Since its inception in 2009, Blockchain technology has proven to be nothing less than revolutionary to the world. Many narrow down this tech to the world of cryptocurrency only but this is a misconception. Cryptocurrencies indeed…