How To Buy Cryptocurrency On United Exchange App – Recently, United Exchange– India’s most trusted and used cryptocurrency exchange launched its latest ‘United Exchange App’. This app is a full-featured package especially designed to cater to the requirements of its various users and hence is one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency apps in the market. As United Exchange always proclaims to put the security of their users on the priority, we have proved it yet again with the launch of our cryptocurrency app. In the cryptocurrency industry, no other exchange has introduced such high-end security for their users as we at the United exchange have. We have introduced a unique ‘QR Code’ security method with revocable key features, which make sure that no single QR Code is used twice.

Deciding features of UE’s Cryptocurrency Application-

  • No need to generate a separate username and password for mobile app.
  • Scan the code and you are good to go.
  • Trade with utmost security.
  • Fully-user-oriented designing and extremely easy to use.
  • No single QR Code can be used twice.
  • Customized API key Label.
  • Two-step verification

We hope that now you are all set and excited to start using this latest and versatile cryptocurrency app. Simply follow the steps shown below, and you won’t face any difficulty at any step; be it downloading or logging-in to start trading.

Steps while downloading the United Exchange Cryptocurrency Application-

  1. To download the United Exchange App in your android phone, go to ‘google play store’ and search for ‘United Exchange’ in the search bar as shown in the picture below.
  2. Click on ‘New’ option to reach the United Exchange Cryptocurrency app faster. Since it is a newly launched cryptocurrency application, it can be easily found by clicking on the ‘new’ option. After doing so, you will find the united exchange- cryptocurrency app.
  3. Click on the united exchange’s cryptocurrency app icon and then click on the install button as shown in the picture below.
  4. After installing the app, you will get an option to open the UE- cryptocurrency app. Click on open and a new screen as shown below will open. It will demand – ‘a public key’ and ‘a secret key’. To log into the UE’s cryptocurrency app, it’s important to have both the keys.

To generate the keys , keep following these simple and easy steps and login-into UE’s latest cryptocurrency application.

  1. On your laptop/PC, Go to Website Unitedexchange  and sign into your account. You will see the homepage of your account as shown in the picture below.
  2. Click on your username as shown in the picture and a drop-down menu will appear. From the drop-down click on ‘My Account’ option.
  3. After clicking on my account a new page will open as shown in the picture below. From there click on ‘API option’.
  4. After clicking on API , you can see a new-window as shown below.
  5. On this dialogue box, click on the ‘create new key’ option as shown below.
  6. After clicking on the create new key option, a new dialogue box as shown below will open. You will find that all the –‘read’ checkboxes are checked, while the ‘write’ checkboxes are unchecked. The read-only checkboxes ensure that you can only see what’s happening in your account and not be able to make any alterations. To make any transactions you will need to ‘check/tick’ the ‘write checkboxes’.
  7. Click on ‘write checkbox’ option under the main heading – ‘Action’ to be actually able to place trades. This features truly sets us apart from competition as it ensures utmost security.
  8. You will find a heading on this page-‘API key label’. Give your desired name/label to the API key as shown. After naming/ labelling the API key click on the ‘Generate API Key’ button.
  9. After generating the API key, the following window will open, which will display the message- ‘Your API key has been generated successfully’. Here you can see the list of all the API keys generated.
  10. Click on the ‘view’ option to get the QR code. This is a single time use only QR Code and can’t be used or accessed again. When you get the QR Code, scan it with your smartphone and you will directly login to “United Exchange’s Cryptocurrency App’. You can also copy and paste the secret to use this QR Code.\ 
  11. After generating the API, you can see the history on the same page as well. This feature helps you to keep a track of, ‘how many times’ and under which label did you generate the secret API key.
  12. If you look closely in the circled options, you will find that two API keys are generated in this account. The QR Code from the first label- ‘xyz’ was already used, hence you can’t find the ‘view’ option there. Which means that now this key can’t be used again.

By following these simple steps, you will log-into the United Exchange cryptocurrency application hassle-free and securely. We also advise you to not share your password and secret key with anyone to maintain maximum security.

Keep Trading! Keep Winning!!



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