The hype around cryptocurrency has been in the market for around some years now and is increasing constantly. Since more and more people are now aware of this new form of currency and understand its importance and potential for the future as well, the overall investment in cryptocurrency is increasing at a very fast pace.

But still, the problem remains the same. The questions like-How do I invest so that I suffer minimum loss? Or no loss at all? (No that is never going to happen). Like any market, both profits and losses are an inevitable part of the cryptocurrency market as well.

Still, there are some points that you should keep in mind before entering into this area, so in case there is a loss so that you suffer the minimum loss possible. These tips will also help you to prevent unnecessary losses and take calculated risks.

So, let’s get started.

Tip NO-1

Don’t get carried away– We know, the hype and noise around cryptocurrency is loud, but being a smart investor, always try to take expert guidance and take calculated risks, while beginning to invest in this field. You should keep in mind to not follow blindly whatever the crowd or the media tells you, but instead, make your own calculated decision.

Tip NO-2 to remember

Invest your Surplus– Always, always! Only invest what you are willing to lose. Remember, when we start anything new, we are bound to make mistakes in the process of learning. If taking this risk makes you nervous, then think twice before you step in. The volatility of this market is extremely high, so starting with the little extra cash which was set aside for fun, could be used.

Tip NO-3

Research, Research, Research! – Even though the process of researching is long and hard, but the more you do it, the better you become at understanding the core concepts of cryptocurrency. Don’t research half-heartedly, and also don’t stick to any one person’s opinion. It is better to cross-refer the opinions of various experts.  The various mediums through which you can research are- Twitter, other social media sites and reading various news articles etc. Only invest, after you have fully and thoroughly understood the world of cryptocurrencies. The concepts like- what is a cryptocurrency, how does it work, how can you trade etc. Don’t forget, since you are going to invest your own money, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip NO-4

Embrace the Volatility– The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which means, the speed at which the price goes up is almost equal to the speed at which the prices may go down. People usually are too excited to remember this highly important tip. So, if you are well aware of its volatile nature, it is highly likely, that you would be able to find a balanced situation around your trading and earn longer sustainable profits.

Tip NO-5 to remember

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket– Yes, you guessed it right! Just like investing in any other asset, diversifying the crypto assets in your portfolio is always a better option than falling for one single cryptocurrency. The simple logic behind this approach is, if you invest all your capital in one cryptocurrency and unfortunately if it’s price fall in the future, you might lose a relatively large amount of your capital!

Tip NO-6 to remember

Dodge the Scams– Dodge the scammers and the scams. There is no short-cut to making it big in the crypto world. When you get all greedy and unrealistic, you try to find ways to get richer quickly and that’s when you fall into the traps of the scammers. They try to lure you into their Ponzi schemes, which make you lose your money as well as trust. So, the surest way is to wait and let your investments mature with time.

Tip NO-7

Choose your exchange wisely– Doesn’t matter, how much research you have done or how much portfolio divisions you have made, choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange can make or mar your investments and profits. It is important that you choose the right platform that provides all the benefits like high liquidity, reliability, customer support, communication and a large number of registered cryptocurrencies along with additional security and valuable knowledge.

Tip NO-8

Use both the wallets– It is advisable to try out both the wallets, even though the cold wallets, such as the one provided by the United exchange is considered safer, but you must understand the features, characteristics, usage and working of both the wallets. Both hot and cold wallets serve their own purpose, but you should always be attentive while storing your money.

Tip NO-9 to remember

Follow-Up – Don’t forget about your money, once you have invested. Read the crypto charts, keep an eye on the trends and study the history of your desirable cryptocurrencies. A regular follow up not only saves you from any future losses but also keeps you up-to-date with the market.


Now that you are aware of some tips that might guide you through your crypto journey, we hope you would optimistically invest in this ‘Future Currency’. Being a beginner, mistakes are unavoidable, but you can now escape from many unnecessary problems. So go ahead, and invest with confidence. Proportion your money wisely and stay alert. Mastering it would take some time, but your diligence, persistence and enthusiasm to learn would reap the sweetest benefits for you. We hope the tips to remember before investing in cryptocurrencies provided by UE platform, would add some value for you.

Happy trading!